ATLANTA March 21-25 * HOUSTON April 27 - 30 * DENVER/PUEBLO, PHOENIX & ALBUQUERQUE May 10 -15 -  Contact me to book your Bare Men shoot! 

Who may be a part of Bare Men? 


The project is open to men (including trans men) over 21, of all races and ethnicities, body types, weight etc. willing to pose with full-frontal nudity and their face visible - No exceptions. Men in the series are captured in an undoctored way; images are not Photoshopped. However, I am not obligated to work with every man who wants to be a part of the series. Approaching me, the project and the shoot with respect will score you a lot of points. DO NOT send nude photographs or dick pics with your request to participate. Men are free to express their manhood, their own brand of masculinity. 


How do I prepare for a shoot?

There is no requirement to "get in shape" or "tone up" for the shoot. Hairy, bald, body art, piercings are all fine. I do not request manscaping for the shoot. I do request good personal hygiene. You will be naked; please shower before your photo shoot. If you sweat a lot when you're nervous or stressed, wear deodorant. Utilize toilet paper, baby wipes, a bidet after using the toilet. Brush your teeth. I cannot stress enough the importance of good personal hygiene.


How much does it cost?


With increased demand and interest in the series, men will now be charged a participation fee to offset the costs of travel and production.

Participation fee is $350 USD + applicable tax and includes:

  • Private nude and/or erotic photo shoot
  • Medium-resolution, watermarked Color and B&W digital images from the shoot for your own personal use. Men receive 30 images, on average
  • Three (3) 8x12 photo prints - one of your choosing - from your photo shoot. Once you make your print selection, I select 2 photos
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Where will we do the photo shoot?


The shoots are done in the men's homes so there is a level of comfort and familiarity. "Home" can be his actual residence, hotel or vacation rental, office, lab, yacht - the choices are endless. Shoots can also be done outside of the man's home in an agreed upon location. If you're comfortable outdoors, we can do that too. Studio shoots are not the focus of this series. I am currently NYC-based, but will gladly set up shoots in other cities. If you are not based in New York City but interested in participating, send me a message and I will be in touch if I'm planning to visit your city.  Cities are chosen based on demand.



Who will be at the photo shoot? 


The only people at the photo shoot will be you and I. I don't work with assistants at this time. If you have a partner or significant other who does not want you to be nude with a female photographer, you may want to reconsider participating in the project. I do not allow chaperones or an "audience"; it changes the dynamic of the photo shoot and the man's behavior. If someone happens to be home at the same time, in another room, that's totally acceptable. If you have pets, we'll have a good laugh at the photobomb outtakes.



How long does the photo shoot take?


Approximately 90 minutes.



How long before I get my images?


I do my best to get images to you within a week (7 days). Sometimes longer especially if I'm traveling. I will contact you by email with any updates on the image processing. 



What are you going to do with the images you take of me?


Select images, not all, will be part of the Bare Men series - on this website and in the book(s). Images may also appear in photo exhibits though that is at the discretion of individual curators. Be aware that images of every man who has participated in the series may not appear in exhibits. Photos may also be used to promote the series. These stipulations are included in the model release you will have to sign.



What if I don’t want you to use my images online or in print?


The Bare Men series is about men baring all. Participants are willing to pose nude, in a public way. I understand that it's not for everybody. If you're interested in a private photo shoot whose images will not be published and used in Bare Men, those begin at $575 USD. Contact me for more information or visit the Abigail Ekue Photography website.


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Bare Men_Abigail Ekue Photography-0234.jpg


What happens if I get excited during the photo shoot?


We can take a break from shooting if you DO NOT want photographs depicting you in an aroused state. Some participants are fine with that and we continue to shoot. Each man does what he is comfortable with during the photo shoot. Don't compare yourself with other men in the series. Erotic images are NOT required.



What’s the next step if I want to be a part of the series?


Please fill out the contact form or send an email to abigail[AT]abigailekue{DOT}com and I will contact you about setting up a shoot. If you would like to bring Bare Men to your city or town, feel free to contact me about that too. Thank you!



Where can I get a copy of the Bare Men book?

The LIMITED EDITION Bare Men photography book is currently available! Here are the particulars on the book: Hardcover, 495 pages of color and B&W photos and approximately 8 x 11 inches (it weighs 5 lbs). You can get all the information here. International shipping is available. 

***If you order the book on Amazon, you will not receive it. I don't know what product Amazon is selling, but the book is not $25. I have not sent any inventory to Amazon.*** 



What if I don't want a book but still want to collect Bare Men art?

Bare Men artwork shown at exhibits are available as 6x9, 8x12, 10x15 and 11x17 prints. Bare Men: January to June 2017 was published in conjunction with the exhibit at the Erotic Heritage Museum. There is also an ebook which contains 83 photos of previously unpublished images from the first phase of the series.

Bare Men Abigail Ekue Photography
Bear on a Skin Rug_ Bare Men_Abigail Ekue Photography