Back , Bare Men by Abigail Ekue Photography, 8 x 12 in

Back, Bare Men by Abigail Ekue Photography, 8 x 12 in

Bare Men Pop-Up Exhibit at The Living Gallery in Bushwick


NEW YORK – On Thursday, May 19, 2016, Abigail Ekue Photography presents the Bare Men Pop-Up exhibit at The Living Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The one-night only event will be held from 6-9 pm.


About the Exhibition:

This is the first exhibit presented by Abigail Ekue Photography to promote the ongoing Bare Men series and subvert the censorship of male nude photography. “Bare Men is my answer to the stoic nude photography of men who apparently didn't have penises and the male nude market that is geared towards gay men.”


Bare Men features art, editorial and erotic nude photographs of men sharing moments of joy, release, ecstasy and angst with full-frontal nudity. By showcasing men the way she does in Bare Men, Abigail Ekue has opened viewers' eyes to the inherent beauty, sensuality, sexuality and vulnerability of the everyday man. Bare Men challenges the notion that no one wants to see nude men. “The question of why I would want to take photos of naked men is tainted by the idea that naked men are ugly and women have no interest or gain no pleasure from seeing men in the nude. Wrong.”


The overwhelming focus on female nudity over male nudity and the effect it has on both men and women is also challenged by Ekue's photography. Over time Bare Men has also evolved into an outlet for men to work through body image issues and to finally be seen.


The collection of images selected for the Bare Men Pop-Up exhibit capture moments of joy, angst, self-care and self-love, playfulness, doubt and reflection. Previously unreleased images will be exhibited at the Pop-Up exhibit alongside photographs included in the Bare Men book.


The first Bare Men book is set for release in the fall of 2016 and will include close to 500 pages of color and B&W photography.


All artwork will be available for sale at the Bare Men Pop-Up exhibit. In the current DIY and crowdfunding culture, money from the sale of artwork will go towards the publishing costs of the book. Attendees and those who can't make the exhibit will be able to pre-order the book.


Abigail Ekue is available for commissioned nude and erotic photo shoots. Updates on her domestic and international travel schedule will be posted on her website, social media accounts and sent to her mailing list subscribers.


The Living Gallery (1094 Broadway at Dodworth) is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn.


About the Artist:

Abigail Ekue is a NYC-based author and photographer. Her photography has been featured in Refinery29, Your Tango, Erotic Review Magazine (UK), WideWalls (CH), Naked Men Happy Women and Accidental Bear. She has participated in various group exhibitions and has had photography exhibited at the Museum of the City of New York and Musée du Louvre.

She is the author of The Darker Side of Lust (1st, 2nd edition) and Exhaust Pipes under her publishing company, Native Creative Press. Her writing career began as a health, fitness and nutrition freelance writer. On her blog she covers sex, dating & relationships, pens revealing personal essays and emotionally direct rants. Ekue owns and operates Native Creative Concierge, a private excursion service and is the creator of the natural hair t-shirt brand, Don't Pet The Fro™.



Abigail Ekue is available for interviews. For press/media inquiries, photo republishing permissions:


Social Media:

Twitter: @abigailwrites
Instagram: @nativecreative_photo
Tumblr: abigailekue


Gallery contact:

Nyssa Frank
The Living Gallery
1094 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11221